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May 9th: "World Flyer" grounded in Jakarta

Another SMS-blog... We have been stuck in Jakarta due to some issues with the aircraft. It is one of the backup computers for one of the engines that is not working properly. Diamond and Thielert are doing a great job helping us remotely. The systems are very advanced. We can download a data log from the engine and send it directly to the manufacturer and have an expert look at it instantly. We have done some highly appreciated demos here of the aircraft also so the days are not wasted. Will get back to you when we know more.

Written by Johan


Posted by: vannhan
minh bi cam diec . minh ten la van nhan . ngay xua, chung ta co duoc hoc o truong khuyen tat thuan an. chung ta co duoc nho uoc mo o nuoc my lam ! chung ta xin vao may ban my di o truong khuyen tat thuan an

Posted by: Pierre
I hope you have a good time, and are out of the volcano, looking forward to the party after yuor arrival to swedeb][[Pierre

Posted by: Fly-Lennart
Hello Johan! Hope you have a nice time in Jakarta and also can get some time off now when you have Wanja by your side... Nice for both of you I guess.

Warm greetings,

Lennart =

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