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May 18: Worldflyer is airborne!

Today at 12.18 local time worldflyer departed from Halim airport with destination Bali!
It was with great pleasure we could continue our around the worldflight after being grounded for some time, mainly due to that we had to await customs clearence for our sparepart. The aircraft climbed well into the hot afternoon sun together with three happy smiles onboard.

Early tomorrow morning we will leave for Australia with a lunchstop in Kupang on the Timor island.

We could definitely tell that we are quite far away from home when the sun now is shining from north during lunchtime!

Hopefully we can add some pictures when we get some faster internet connections.

Over and out!

Written by Henrik


Posted by: Marco
Hello WFH Team,
N241PK planned for Cebu on the Phillipines (from Darwin), but was delayed due to enroute WX forecast.
Here from Germany I have no update on whether they left Darwin for the flight already or not, I just hope they did, and also hope you had a chance to meet them. You can visit them on www.n-flight-enroute.com
Many greetings, good luck, and all the best wishes

Posted by: Henrik Ejderholm
Hi Marco!
I will have a look at the airport tomorrow if I can find the Cirrus, we arrived quite late so there were not many people around. Where are they flying after Darwin?


Posted by: Ingemar Weiman
Vi följer med intresse Er resa mot nya okända mål.
Vi förstår att Australien känns mycket olika mot de länder som ni senast besökt. Vi var i A i Mars månad och uppskattadeverkligen Landet.
Ha en bra fortsättning på er jordenruntflygning

Posted by: Helena M
Härligt att ni är på väg igen, även om stoppet på Bali inte var så tråkigt kan jag tänka. Ser fram emot att se lite bilder!! Ta hand%2

Posted by: Marco
Hey, congratulations so far and all best wishes.
Did you meet Arnim and Markus, they are on a world tour as well in their Cirrus SR22 (N241PK) and were in Darwin the same day as you.

Posted by: Krister Lundberg
Nice to see that you're on your way again. I'm curious about your experience with the DA42 in terms of real world performance. What typical cruise speeds do you see and how is the hot

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