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June 25 - Crossing the Pacific Ocean

We have just recieved information from the WFH team that they are now approaching the coast of California in sunrise! They are flying on 18000 ft and the oxygen system from Mountain High is working brilliant. The 13 hours long flight has been successful so far and they have good tail wind which increases the fuel margins a lot more.

We are looking forward to hear more about the flight after landing!

Written by WFH Headquarter


Posted by: Robert Chambers
Congratulations on your longest leg to date! I'm located in Barbados and was wondering when your arrival in St. Lucia might be? Is there a chance of landing in Barbados? Best wishes for the remainder of your flight.


Robert Chambers.

Posted by: Fabien Tchoffo
Je souhaite beaucoup de courage à toute l'équipe du WFH et particulièrement à johan Hammarstrôn qui est un ami personnel. je vous prie de bien vouloir lui transmettre toutes mes félicitations.
je souhaite qu'ensemble,nous trouvons une solution adéquate pour que la malentendance soit toujours en permanence un sujet à caution.
A bientôt.

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