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July 4th: Zihuatanejo is beautiful... and hot!

Sweat, sweat, sweat. The name of the famous rock band was probably invented in Mexico during summer... It is really hot here now. The temperature is not more than 35C but the humidity makes it feel much warmer. But it is also very beautful. Zihuatanejo was the town Tim Robbins dreamt about in my favourite movie "Shawshank redemption" (Nyckeln till frihet in Swedish) and now I understand why... The sceneries are just stunning. A small fishing village along the coast with lovely beaches, green jungle and plenty of space. Eating mexican food, as it is supposed to taste, is also great. Burritos, quisadillas and tacos taste much better here than at home.

We have tried to establish some media connections here.

Tomorrow we continue south if the weather is good.

Written by Johan


Posted by: kathy casey
JOHAN: I can't believe you were in Belize. I was just there. Went river tubing so didnt see much of the country that wasnt enroute to the river. my husband and I were on a cruise. How did you make out with engagements in the US?
I sent your info to every school, camp, college that I could find...Kathy

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