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July 10th: Flight to Jamaica via the Blue Hole!

Despite the weather we have had really good times in Belize. We got to do our first dives on the trip and the we actually got to dive in the famous blue hole which is located in the Light House Reef Atoll in the Belizian archipelago. The blue hole dive is a 130 feet deep dive where you go down to a cave and explore some fantastic sights together with fishes such as reef sharks and hammerhead sharks! See some wonderful pictures below.

WFH goes diving...

WFH goes diving...

Near sharks!

Near sharks!

We spent our days in Belize on Key Caulker island which is a wonderful spot an hour boat ride from Belize capital. On the dock where you land with the boat there is a sign "Go slo" and that tells you everything about the philosophy of this island. There is reggae music, nice people and lots of wonderful nature to look at. The place is not expensive to stay in, we found a room for 17 USD a night for all of us (not air conditioned).

After some days of quite rainy days in Belize we could finally see some holes in the clouds and the weather forecast gave us an optimistic indiation about the flight to Jamaica. We spent the last day in the capital of Belize where there is more easy to understand the poverty of this country. But there is never a lack of a smiling face in Belizae - despite poverty! The flight to Jamaica went very well. We started the flight by searching for the blue hole that we had dived in and by some help from the air traffic controller we could find it with a radial and a DME distance from Belize VOR (a radio navigation aid within aviatio).

World Flyer over the Blue Hole!

World Flyer over the Blue Hole!

Some boatmen donīt find their way in between the reefs to Belize

Some boat men donīt find their way in between the reefs to Belize

Approahing Jamaica

Approahing Jamaica

We have spent one day in Jamaica and this country is the most easy going country that we have visited. "Yeah man" and "no problem" are the most commonly used words. The island is beautiful with much to see. We have only got one day here so we have to return some day. We have spent most time in Montego Bay, but also visited the beautiful beaches in Negril on the west coast. We have also contacted some media and hope that we can get some publicity here.

Written by Johan


Posted by: Johan Hammarstrom
Dear Robert,

Thanks for your message and I am happy to hear that you like the project. We will come to Oshkosh - plan to land there July 26th!


Posted by: Robert Chambers
This is a wonderful project, do you think there would be a chance of arriving at Oshkosh this year. There are many people who would be very interested in seeing what you're doing. And of course hearing about your experience of the world flight and Hearing.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Chambers.

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