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July 13th: Landed in Venezuela

Yesterday we reached the Venezuelan boarder at about 5 PM local time. What a wonderful view to see the beginning of the huge continent South America! We had been prepared that Venezuela can be a difficult country to be in, but we were met by friendly (only Spanish speaking) people at the airport. We met a taxi driver who spoke English and showed us around in the city of Paraguana which is a 500 000 people big town on the north coast, about 6 hour car drive from Caracas. We had a great evening and saw plenty of smiling faces! We felt very welcomed. We were also warned not to go outside alone at night as there is plenty of criminals in the area that will rob you. But so far so good. We are right now at the airport, completing preparations for the next flight. Just one thing more... The car fuel here costs 4 US cents per litre!! AMAZING! A full tank costs less than 2 USD.

Written by Johan

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