The team

The WFH team consists of Johan Hammarström, Henrik Ejderholm and Martin Håkansson. The main pilot of the world around flight is hearing impaired Johan Hammarström. Henrik and Martin are not hearing impaired, but involved as team members as there are many tasks to perform in such a project. Johan will be in cockpit during the entire flight whereas Henrik and Martin are attending in various parts of the trip.

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Johan Hammarström

Johan Hammarström is 28 years and has a congenital hearing impairment that was recognized when he was four years old. Since pre school years, aviation is Johan’s major interest. His father, also an experienced pilot with an own airplane, gave Johan unforgettable memories of flying adventures in Scandinavia.

Johan has been a frequent visitor of the flight schools and he is today holder of a license for flying most airplanes and has about 1200 hours of flying logged. Johan also has a Master’s degree in system analysis from Linköping University and is presently working as an Area Operations Manager within Sectra which is a Swedish-based medical technology company.

Johan is also the founder of several associations related to aviation. When he in 1999 started his studies at Linköping University, he founded the university flying society that with a rapid pace grew to more than 500 members comprising activities related to everything from fixed-wing airplanes to parachuting and soaring.

Martin Håkansson

Martin is 28 years old and he started his pilot training in 1995 as a high school student, before he was old enough to drive a car. Today he is the holder of a commercial pilot license and has accumulated 900 hours of flying. Apart from his pilot studies, Martin also has a Master’s degree in engineering and management from Linköping Institute of Technology and is presently working with business development and project management for a Swedish-based medical technology company.

Martin’s personality is characterized by a strong will and humor, and he likes when there is much going on.

Henrik Ejderholm

Also for 34-year-old Henrik, flying is a major interest. After his BSc studies at the University of Linköping Henrik came in contact with the medical industry business. In this business he have had the opportunity to fly several hundred hours of business travel on his own, all over the European continent in a small aircraft.

Henrik’s personality is characterized by humbleness, thoughtfulness and a great sense of humor. He enjoys acting as the spider in the web and today he is part of a product management organization, daily interacting with customers and partners from all over the world. Through his international experience Henrik has developed his understanding for different cultures and countries.

Henrik started his pilot training in 1994 and has since then accumulated 900 hours in the cockpit in many different types of aircraft.

Headquarter staff

Wanja Hammarström
Info and Administration

Andreas Bergner

Bernhard Näckdal
Expedition Support

Ernest Wessman
Expedition Support